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Why Upload My Music on Indie Music Sites?

Indiesound is about getting your music heard. After you upload music you can share a similar artists track on your twitter profile we'll let the artist know. If they like your sound track they can share them back as a result your get your music heard. As well as integrating social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Pininterest, we have specifically on Twitter for the purpose of music promotion. This allows you to follow other bands, communicate and must importantly easily share your indie music with other artists and their fans for free.

Building a Space for Indie Music Artists

Several years ago, independent music existed only on the periphery of the internet. Today, digital music services like Indiesound have allowed independent musicians to thrive due to boosting their creativity and building a fan base, while bypassing traditional digital music distribution machinations and music labels that had previously created a glass ceiling for talented artists struggling to break through.

Cloud-based music services like Indiesound have become an important part of the web, due to allowing artists a unique degree of control over their creations. Since they alone decide what to publish, where to publish while marketing in a manner that encourages viral exposure.

Furthermore, the rules of the music business are definitely changing, and there are a lot of great things happening. We’re also seeing the development of incredible new talent, the creation of new genres, streaming music from 100's of subcategories within Metal, Rock, Alternative, Punk, Rap, Hip Hop, EDM, POP and more consumer engagement than ever. As cloud-based music sites like Indiesound.com grow, we’re on point to see music continue to evolve one mp3 song file at a time and aim to become the best site to download music. Upload music and start your music promotion today!