Sonora México
Proyecto musical / musical project 🌵 https://t. Co/avtlfgifgx https://t. Co/1u4geqwvax.
I´m thinking of the words you said and it seems that you´re right i don´t know where´s my head you´re giving up ´cause i´m too scared but i´m not going to lose you this time i´m awake take these chains hold ´em right they´re not too heavy when you are around break them all use...
Well i guess is up to me, you already set me free, i'm not the one you used to know for sure. I'm not afraid as you can see, i know the chances and the risks, just bring it on, bring it on to me. So many times i felt lost inside... Now i can see the light, i can feel the love burning in my...
This is our night, let´s have some fun, let me take you through the time i´m here for you, i´ll always be, i won´t forget the deal and your eyes started to shine, i can´t even talk memories came to my mind we are twenty tonight, i can feel it in my heart we are twenty tonight, let´s keep...