United States
Inspired by 60's-70's singer-songwriters..
Ghosts you said we’d work it out told me figure it out wasted my time away late nights not making no money i’m still afraid of change it’s all happening oh so fast you thought i’d break it big but you never saw past my walls and i thought that i’d burn out bright but my light...
Went and sold everything that i own erased the name i scribbled down on my front porch door got some money, let’s see how far it can take me catch me running like a boy in these streets a new life for me pulling up in the pitch black night, to fill my ride a stranger says “don’t go...
First kiss meant “i love you” whispered in the dark next kiss left me stubborn that you stole it in the park sipping bourbon whisky on the lake at seventeen no one even noticed it felt just like a dream tried to hold tight but time slipped by and we were through you were my best...