United States

Inspired by 60's-70's singer-songwriters..
You said we’d work it out told me figure it out wasted my time away late nights not making no money i’m still afraid of change it’s all happening oh so fast you thought i’d break it big but you never saw past my walls and i thought that i’d burn out bright but my light was...
When you my name i'll come
when you leave me dear my heart goes numb
there's a million days i've craved your love if you want to dance i'll lead
if you need to cry my heart won't bleed
baby please don't change one single thing it takes a lot of time
to see on the other side
it takes a...
If you took the chance, what would you see? Maybe the other face inside of me. After all, i'm used to the same story. Getting close hurts the most, and i aint sorry.
I want to go where the lonely people go out on my own where the lonely people go fake smile and lies made it hard believe fools gold you tempted and held over me nowhere is where i’ll be nowhere is where i’ll be i want to hide where the lonely people hide waste all of my time where...
Try to settle down thats what they all say i gotta lotta rhymes but they're hard to play keep playing till the hurt goes away trying to scheme that big escape you wanna big house and you want it now you told me go large but you cant afford that price to pay and you don't know why it takes a...