Lonesomeville, Kentucky, United States
Singer / songwriter / producer / publisher with multi-platinum awards... Http://www. Cashtownrecords. Com.
Right outta me... Artist / songwriter: rick scott cashtown records inc. Verse one life is full of contradictions with a heavy dose of fiction through-out i don't mince my words and i've never found it hard to spit em out when you get a little age you start to learn a lotta something...
"how far is it" artist / producer / songwriter , rick scott cashtown records inc. Publisher: ricktunes "sesac" verse one i pulled in to have a drink and a smoke take a little brake from the dusty road she said, what are ya havin' , i said, lady just pour she said, where...
This album is a compilation project put together by cashtown records of 15 tracks that we know will satisfy any die hard fan of rick's. Packed full of the must have collection of solid hits of love / love loss / inspirational material as well as just plain old great storytelling put to simple yet...