london, United Kingdom
May roze is a pop/rnb/alternative singer-songwriter.
“i remember crying while recording i’m still. I was at a stage in my life where i just couldn’t see what came next. I was deeply in love and ready to give myself completely to it but i just wasn’t getting anything back. I’ve with time realised that your energy is the most precious thing...
It changes everything changes cause the time is like the wind that blows away the memories it changes everything changes you can see in my eyes things that i won’t describe cause everytime i get too close everytime i have it all it all goes back to the unknown let it go x2 two years...
“drown me is about taking your power back, freeing yourself. No matter the past, no matter the hurt, it’s about deciding that no one or nothing defines you or controls you. At some point you’ve got to realize you’re the one you need to fight for. ” once you used to say now the time is...