Verse 1 i never knew it could be like this i can't believe you'd show your face again always looking the other way so turn around now just turn around chorus tell me why you don't know my name tell me why you won't see me on the other side tell me why when you look at me you turn...
Verse 1 emantor, my avenger my redeemer, the great i am my rebuilder, my restorer my provider, the great i am chorus i will fall down on my knees you have given everything you are the great i am you have broken every chain set me free to live again you are the great i am...
Verse 1 i am sinking down to the nothingness beneath it’s just a matter of time when i can no longer breathe the weight is getting heavy every single day i’ve cried all my tears and the sky has turned to gray chorus the more i crawl the more i fall i know that i’m the least of...