paris, France
Independent music artist [indie / alternative / pop / rock] - my music is on my website: www. Jontessier. Com.
When we first shed our skin we turned into ourselves we’ve been revealed through sin no one can even tell and when we killed time boredom was the fuel i thought i’d make you mine but i know nobody love’s a fool chorus my oh my, my heart is just a mess child o’ child, i wanted...
Lyrics: all around me are familiar faces worn out places, worn out faces bright and early for the daily races going nowhere, going nowhere and their tears are fillin' up their glasses no expression, no expression hide my head i wanna drown my sorrows no tomorrow, no tomorrow and i find it...
A laidback indie rock tune about falling in love with a stranger. Enjoy :) [verse 1] i saw you walking on a crowded street, i saw the wind blowing through your hair. The clock slowed down that moment when you walked by, and my heart raced for your beauty by design. [pre chorus] baby you...