new orleans
Singer songwriter studio live producer aka elvin posey elvin elvin t posey elvin posey band elvin thaddeus posey..
She's a heartbreaker if your looking for trouble /you’ve come to the right place she's bad to the bone/ wipe the smile off your face better cross your heart/this may be your last breath she can be your best friend/or the kiss of death she's a wheel, gonna roll steam roller, get out of...
No baby don’t/don’t you leave me alone no baby don’t/don’t say you will, say you won’t don’t you leave me this way /no baby don’t i gave you everything i gave you my heart you took me for granted right from the start i gave you true love gave me a of lies you took my...
Thelma lou thelma lou ,i will always love you, i have to go , goodbye thelma lou, i'm the one who's blue, thelma lou she didn’t tell me she had a boyfriend i was her fool while she cheated on him he wears a shiny badge, fearless deputy fife made him jealous so he’d make her his wife...