new orleans
Vintage singer songwriter rocker. Https://www. Reverbnation. Com/elvinposey.
You wear pin stripe suits, tailor made slacks, blue suede shoes & drive a black cadillac red or blonde or brunette style, pretty face & shark white smile you got that whatcha ma it, got that thinga ma jig you got that you got this, you got fire in your kiss you got that walk you...
I'm on fire i get a kick the way you touch, i want more more than enough i get a shock when we kiss, sparks start to fly flamin' lips i get a thrill when we peak, legs start shaking i feel weak burning with desire, i'm on fire, burning with desire, i'm on fire i get excited flames...
Since i met my baby, the wheels are rolling ed my bags leaving the city of heartbreaking since i met my baby, the track is burning leaving the station no time for wasting oh the train steaming down the track oh no way we ain't looking back we're riding high with clear blue skys on the...