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Rise of broken women (rbw) is a multicultural 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated giving women and their families the tools they need to extricate themselves from the circle of poverty. Rbw was founded by charlee newman to be used as a resource for women and families experiencing homelessness. She...
This track is a portion of the "matilda" al, created to be a confluent indie record exploring love, success, greed, and origins. This was a solo project created in my bedroom using a plethora of guitars and pedals. I hope you enjoy lyrics are as follows: word these days get around so...
The meaning behind my song, "empowerment" is about self-empowerment. In this song, i have three alter egos who speak: authority, innocence, and balance. I felt like these were the traits for self-empowerment- especially in women. The inspiration behind this song was my own debut song,...