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“trust in allah” is the 3rd single from ali hugo's latest al “hope for the meek” the song is also the 2nd single by ali hugo in the genre of country music, the first being “you’ll find love” from hugo's “time machine" ep. " on you” & "marching saints" are...

Ali hugo is a canadian multi-instrumentalist singer song-writer.
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In god we trust verse one: do not fear the lord watches over you yes, he cares the lord promised to be there for you do not fear the lord surely will cover you yes, he cares his word will forever stand true his word is true he’ll always stand by you he’s here for you he’ll...

Writer, singer, rapper and poet.
The problem is money, money, money, money i'll be back home soon, okay? 1st verse (mark blanca) ugh ain't coming back home, baby if i don't got it/ i ma do whatever it takes, you can me f - gotti/ babe, we need this money/ honestly - all our problems - they all about money/ i won't say...

The group’s charming, high-energy performances takes audiences in, as they blends creativity & tradition. We keeps em dancing, & wanting more.