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‘everything i ever dreamed of’ is a hypnotic 80s synth pop anthem. It’s a feel-good song about realising your wants and needs change, and that’s okay. You grow and develop, and so do your desires. The literal lyrics can be interpreted to actually be quite sad, overall creating a warm sound...
Now that i cannot see you (since you have been gone) i have been following my heart (you’re out of my mind) i will be on my way now (to up my stuff, leave you with an empty house and your ego so i can be me) maybe i’ll be back one day (that’s what you’re thinking) you always take...
We spend all of our time here doing nothing but somehow we both know there is something i am starting to wonder what we are doing day and night i am trying to figure it out if this is the something that tries to sprout i can’t help but i still have some doubts am i being stupid...