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This track is a portion of the "matilda" al, created to be a confluent indie record exploring love, success, greed, and origins. This was a solo project created in my bedroom using a plethora of guitars and pedals. I hope you enjoy lyrics are as follows: i’m sick of no lights, cold...
A song about a hopeful new relationship lyrics: was it mere chance to find you that day? Cause i never believed in faith or in fate but for eight lonely months, i did sadly wait now you brighten my days with your beautiful smile but i've seen how this story has ended before and i'm scared...

An independent music project from usa.
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Rock song written, performed and produced by sean ferree

Singer, songwriter, musician and producer
6 days since she flew away on a plane pointing west 6 days that broke ma heart ain't no way to make it right 6 days i still feel the heat of her body close to mine 6 days i still taste the lips of that sweet kiss of fire in the night she weaved her magic taking all i had and...
Inside for too long beginning to fiend for spots that make affect my respiratory! Others’ steps are rare, receding hair, negatives they disappear it’s not a task! Never a routine i just have a need locales where no one can stop me i’m pent up, pent up, pent up, pent up, pent up demand!

Gagmesharkoff is a one-man band that cranks out a mix of punk, post-punk, garage rock and instrumental music with a ghetto setup. Gagmesharkoff@gmail. Com