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The song's le is a play on words of fictional character "luigi" from the por video game "super mario". The song tells many stories. The instrumental, produced by speedy, perfectly uses simple guitar sounds and melody to bring life to this track. Kayce jay is an artist, based in...
*lyrics:* did you ever feel unwanted? Did you ever feel like trash? Well, that is just how i felt when i broke your heart. Ironic, isn't it? But my heart still pounds when i see how your smile forms. And oh, i remember everything about you. And even if i lose you within time, know that i...
Smile is a song ray ray ospecial something for the women that we make smile in our life this is also on itunes applemusic

New music from ray ray ospecial singing rapper from out of albany ny follow him on all platforms also on instergram facebook
Music is the answer.

Payne pepper jam is the project of london,uk- based producer | songwriter janis peins - payne.