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This is a romantic pop love song. It's a song meant to inspire and bring strong emotions to the listeners. This is my personal favorite song that i've made so far, and hopefully you come to enjoy it too!

I make all sorts of genres of music. Anything you can think of, i can make it. Music is a huge part of me, and hopefully you'll come to like it!
This instrumental is so mellow that it could be used to just relax, chill, or study and it could be used for date night while you are with your significant other.

Tinkee brown makes underground rap instrumentals.
Bad romance challenge by: siidney rose

Hi im sydney but my stage name is siidney rose
Prod. By: pharaoh imhotep ii

A new genre of hip hop known as mummy wrap written, created and produced by the pharaoh imhotep ii (the second) formally known as horuswitdachorus.
I thought u were gonna be away for the rest of the year i dont wana be away from my bae a day without u is like a long holiday i dey miss u bad i wana dey where u dey yeeee if i dey confuse u let me explain what i mean and be clear i wana convince u that i can make u feel love in d...
New york love story,falling in love in new york

Song writer...... Song singer