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Crazy crazy crazy crazy i made the beat a month ago, and then i got kinda bored.
Video coming soon... Lyrics: (and i'm going in) back to put these rappers on a sailor boat shoot at you with cannons and i watch you try to stay a float. Rip my enemy the emt will see ivs i'ma leave a crater in this game before i die most of you guys can't handle me most of you guys a fan...

20 year old rapper from dubuque, iowa. Been rapping for 11 years. For business contact stephonbldwn@aol. Com massesunderrapt. Add me on snapchat: lyricmur.
Metallica-one the ghost rider eric draven -brandon lee- the crow ozzy osbourne - shot in the dark kiss-dr love joker-animated series rage against the machine- guerrilla radio

This is for the love of listening and mixing music. I don't sell or own rights to soundtracks on the playlists presented.