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Using sampled vocal audio cuts and blending with a mix of alternative rock & dance music. A lot of my content covers current, past and future political
Powerful mix of political reggae and spooky pop
This song was written by galleon leader elliott michaels in 1987 and recorded in 1989 on his independent cassette al "change of a dress. " michaels wrote the song about the growing plight of america's homeless and what we all need to do to help them. We think you'll agree that elliott's...

Merry christmas, happy chanukah, joyous kwanzaa, festive festivus, and most of all a peaceful, constructive and productive 2024. Rock and country on!
Demon president lyrics intro whenever they talk, politics and presidents all they ever do, is burn people's lives (pre chorus) no one wants to be alone we're living in a danger zone where the am i? Is this not the usa? You throw your tantrum, that possesses r-age adolescent you...

Pipersins is the result of an accident that forced retiring one instrument replacing it with everything else.