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If you use to ask if im a gospel rapper i would say no, but i found out to say preach tge gospel is equal to say, "tell the truth". Thats how i found out how to do my best to find out the true facts before acting or reacting to every situation because we all reason differently by how we...

Nleco™/umg® new levels ent co llcs debut artists who has fostered a global presence through support from god, great spiritual and blood family.
A dope new hiphop sound ed #trapscore

I'm part of plugfam and i'm indie baby. Straight outa witbank
Making plays in the city of atlanta is all my dawgs do on this smash hot new single ed "plays in". Vito dadon, cbg mechi & ranino bandz going crazy on the lyrics along with ku4real going dumb hard on the beat.

Born and raised in atlanta ga ku dolla a. K. A. Ku4real has been in the music business as a writer artist & producer.
Whip my wrist in the pot i cannot on no thots brooklyn be the spot throwing bows like the rock you at the bottom like a sock ooo, ok smoking cookies from the bay, you look lost you a stray i gotta sweet tooth, i need that mothering cake bitch , ion play (x2) ion play no games, ion need no...
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