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North was written on the way home from an unsuccessful job interview. I didn't really want that particularly job, i just needed a job. I rembered that a friend told me that she believed we are born into the south of our potential, and our life's goal is to find our way to our own north. I'd...

I'm a solo, independant artist, living in scotland. I sing, play guitar, bass and keyboards, and programme the other instruments i need.
Track 2. Southside miko - dead wrong (prod. By austintheplugg) "littest on earth" ep is the 1st official release from north carolina artist/producer southside miko. Miko plans to turn the heat up with this new ep and believes that it will be a game changer for him following the success...
As a hip hop artist and acoustic songwriter, my mission is to take the pain we all feel and transform it into something powerful. Music has been my rock when i've faced the darkest storms in life.

We can overcome any obstacle and navigate life