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It was a darkest hour when u left me, i shed tears. Certain things i should've never done, u'd still be here. I too find new love, it's not the same, even here. It all happen so fast i don't know what to say all these mixed feelings so appealing i mean, i sent u apologies i mean,...

The group’s charming, high-energy performances takes audiences in, as they blends creativity & tradition. We keeps em dancing, & wanting more.
Everyone needs loving, we just all be forming, whats with all the curving scared of falling, oh if you love somebody show them that you want it, its not everybody that will keep on hurting you. A told tale of love and hurt blended into groovy pop.

Seventeen out on all digital platforms. For bookings contact booktobyk@gmail. Com 07039752391 download seventeen below
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Emotions capture and bind the soul to this human experience. Left to run free and uncontrolled the become chains of enslavement that eventually destroy us. Should we desire to experience being cared for and caring for another we must delete the venomous word that is "love" or stripe it...

We are the reighn ( victor reighn, lunatic, insane, damurdaman. We share your world through our awareness and knowledge and knowing.