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Eco rock anthem: an important son for all those who care about this planet we live on. Mother earth for what it's worth. Your children don't care fro you anymore. Mother eart and what is so much worse. They hate the way they spend their days. Don't know what life's worth

I am lead singer with cyber rock duo" itso" :guitars, drums , bass & vocals. " itso. " fresh retro.
A fresh start. Verse one: i’ve searched high and low but i could not find that one who would love me right the one who would treat me right i cried day and night but i could not find that one who would love me right until you came along. Chorus: there’s nothing new under the sun but...

Writer, singer, rapper and poet.
The story of the world greatest punk rock band origin. Icus badapple is the leader of the band storm of destruction and kaos hotel bashing anarchist they have been banned in most parts of the world.

Father, husband, community servant. A man with a loop pedal, home studio and a dream. One love for all my people.