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God first | fisher of men | ig: @tw1nternational
Christian rock is worth your time hear on earth because its good and you just might need it in your life now and at your judgement day. Thats why i write it. To inspire you in this world and the next.
The problem is money, money, money, money i'll be back home soon, okay? 1st verse (mark blanca) ugh ain't coming back home, baby if i don't got it/ i ma do whatever it takes, you can me f - gotti/ babe, we need this money/ honestly - all our problems - they all about money/ i won't say...

The group’s charming, high-energy performances takes audiences in, as they blends creativity & tradition. We keeps em dancing, & wanting more.
Driven by piano, mus seed is a song about being broken and finding faith. Being reminded that you can move that mountain.

I'm a teacher who sings, writes music and loves his son.
My sound is gospel with a touch of rnb. I want to do it with for the kingdom and the culture with my gospel/rnb sound!

Gospel with a hint of rnb!