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"ngathi aningizwa" featuring "migza" taken from the ep "story ep" that is dropping on 26 january 2018 it will be available on itunes, google play,spotify, youtube and all online stores hard copies will also be available for more information contact @dedication_

Vuka media rsa
This track is about the streets the real motivation that people need and i see they be going through hard times they made sacrifices in there life and they turn to a real true hustler if you real street n**** a real go-getter do everything in your power to let everybody know let the world know and...

Looking for a way out artist make real hot hit records work smoke get money take care if business in my goal is to get rich keep 314t$hustle
Imma young rapper tryna make it out.

I’m tryna make it out!!!
This song is dedicated to the town of sendai, japan who sustained the tsunami #2011 a nine-0 production for the al {twisted winter by mia muze} "we're part of the lucky few.. "

~the versatile vocalist! [ my shares + digital bookmarks ]