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From the al (and band) "soft war". There is the wind these times they test your patience, these times they test your will. These days you start to wonder if we can climb that hill. Seems like the levee's breaking, seems like the die is cast, like today's fading sunset might just well...

Music for the thinking few.
Welcome to the game of life. Don't get brainwashed by advertising.

Father, husband, community servant. A man with a loop pedal, home studio and a dream. One love for all my people.
Love long lost
This song, written by joseph bolnick and scott tuchband, is galleon's foray into americana and alt-country music. You can take bolnick's lyrics at face value or read deeper meanings into them. Listen and draw your own conclusions!

Come sail the original rock, folk-rock and modern country music of galleon, atlanta's unknown supergroup. We're making music great again!
This is my new song. Decided i do some country folk. I know it's not my usual lately. But it's a little change, and it's back to my old roots. And sometimes that's a good thing. Anyway, hope you enjoy and thanks for listening.

Hello my name is alan ballard. I'm a musician from asheville nc. Hope you enjoy
This song’s message is about witnessing time flash before your eyes and wishing that it could slow down and that moment could last longer. The story is about a father flipping through an old photo al, reminiscing on a life spent with his son and treasuring their memories together.

Americana - country artist