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Phoenix rising: pt 1 into the fire (2024 remix) (4. 47) written, arranged & performed by dave walmsley (c) 2024 silent songs a short cat production of a heavy blues recording recorded in the musical box using the reaper daw after listening to this track again recently i realised there were...

Tracks span from 1990 to the present day. A mixture of rock & acoustic... Dave241151@gmail. Com ~ good, bad or indifferent, all comments welcome...
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If you stumble walking down the road ain't no trouble, it's no extra load i will help you get up and go it ain't no trouble trouble don't heavy my load if you tumble down the stairs have no worries, just pick up your cares i will help you by being your friend there'll be no trouble, no...

Found underneath a gooseberry bush, some time past. A purveyor of pomes and posey, liking nothing more than to be thumbing his flaming jangle music all hours
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Verse 1: you said i let you go astray but i’m not the one who ran away…. Again you want me thinking that you’ve gone but i’ve heard that story for so long…. So long, so long…yeah! Chorus 1: here we go again round and round no end in sight, no reason found a wicked night as you...

Polyphonic groove is a combination of rock and pop providing story-telling, catchy grooves, melodic melodies and driving beats.