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I get around the phantom of the town now and then i wish i was walking up a steady course like you oh no the boy ain’t got a clue they say oh no what’s that boy gonna do the kids they wanna live so fast show it off and make it last day after day round and round now that they are...

Songwriter peter mathis is a slow rocking multi-instrumentalist, combining elements of chilled out indie rock, lo-fi pop, surf and slacker jazz.
This is a cover of the song "low rider" originally recorded and released by the band war in 1974. It was also featured in the cheech & chong film "up in smoke. "

Polyphonic groove is a combination of rock and pop providing story-telling, catchy grooves, melodic melodies and driving beats.
A man reminisces about a relationship that was (with hindsight) great. By the time he realised this, the relationship is over. Maybe he stra and pla the field, maybe he just didn't give enough effort, but he is now left feeling like he has lost everything. Influenced by 70s punk and prog rock...

Obsessed with 60s and 70s music and hopefully creating melancholic and deep music that touches people
Haunting - this is written after listening to a bunch of music from my childhood, those old songs are like ghosts and they make me sad and happy all at once. Inspired by bands like pink floyd, the rolling stones, and other groups from those eras.

Musician, song-writer, producer. Old man. Student. I am learning this craft. I'd love your feedback!
Original song written by tamla founder berry gordy and janie bradford for parlophone records limited original song produced by george martin no copyright infringement intended. All content belongs to it's rightful owners. Not for monetary gain. For entertainment purposes only. Remix produced by...

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70s rock original by clok recorded 1972 eden studios uk [studio later used by oasis] remastered from unreleased track newly found on acetate/tapes by james t white drums /percussion /vocals