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Your like the ring of fire, your smoking hot burn with desire, the firehouse your a live wire, shooting sparks fuel the flames, of my burning heart red hot kiss, i'll take the risk burning my lips, oh i like it like this your so dangerous, your dynamite i'm gonna ignite, your dynamite your...

Singer songwriter studio live producer
Retro vintage rock

Singer songwriter original vintage rock! Contact at https://www. Reverbnation. Com/elvinposey
Independent artist from chicago new ep out now " i am duchamp" follow on twitter & ig
We're all too easily offended these days. No offence tells it as it is. It's spiky, direct and absurd. I’m offended / that you’re offended you’re offensive / so offensive why so passive aggressive? No offence / no offence we’ve discussed it / i’m disgusted you’re revolted / at my...

Modern life is complicated, frequently absurd, and disappoints in just far too many places. Fractured aim to make sense of it all.